"I was in a car crash or was it the war, but I've never been quite the same."

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guys, im at a paid com in atlanta airport, no time, wont let me into my email. i got in safly. am covered inn caat pee, will try to find normal com asap, hopefully tonight in cleveland, dont promise.
plase tell me whats happen9iing at labbers, i have no time to check things...going nuts but happy t be here. love you all

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Yes, banner. I'll have ze Amberzilla upload it, then. Well, first I have to make it. But then I'll have her upload it.

And I can be co-mod : )

The Lady 529

You will be...I just have to get a com first...but thats on the way...getting internet will take a bit longer...cross your fingers for in about 2 weeks...

*will be*

and *crosses finger in future tense*

Do you have any other means to get online every once in a while, or do you basically have to wait till you get it installed in your flat?

The Lady 529

I have THE LIBRARY!!! It's an awesome library too. I come here as much as I can, its a half hour walk from my house. The job interview I have tomorrow is right near here, so I'll come by after it. :D

Don't you just love places with internet that are close to where you live? I probably would have gone mad last semester if I hadn't spent three hours every day online..

I do hope everything's going well, both you and teh boy : )

The Lady 529

The boy is ADORABLE!!! Talking nonstop about everything "pet it NOW kk" "purr purr purr, attention want it." "no going kk bye bye. nono on the kk!" hehe.
Yeah, I'd go NUTS too!!! I'm exhausted. gonna go home soon...job interview tomorrow...*nervous*

Aww, "nono on the kk" and "purr purr purr, attention want it", that's just too cute..

I hope it goes well tomorrow : )

The Lady 529

He is too cute! This morning it was "up-wake and a petting on the Harold". The interview was ok...he doesnt have anything now though...he said that I should call him later this week...I'm gonna go job hunting at the mall now, I just jumped in here on the way...I miss you guys sooooooooo much.
There are so many RELIGIOUS JEWS here. I think of them in capital letters and laugh :p

*long distance-pets the boy*

Well, good luck on the entire job huntingness, I'm sure you'll find something that's worth it all : )

Huh, never knew Cleveland was subtitled "RELIGIOUS JEWlandia".. Imagine that sign:

Welcome to Cleveland!

Hehehe.. Now I have to make an icon of a sign that says that. What colour are roadsigns and stuff in Cleveland?

The Lady 529

Roadsings here are green, and you are hilarious :D
I'll pet the Harry Harold the second I get home (he wouldn't have it any other way "PURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR PET IT NOW KK. NOW. NOW. NOW.") It's a known fact that cats personalities change when they move. He's gotten sweeter, more demanding, and he purrs and meows more :D

I filled out 5 job applications today! Did you get a summerjob yet?

Today I get to cook for the first time! They still haven't hooked up my gas, but I'm getting tired of fruit and bagels, so I got a stoveburnerplugin thing for $10. It's not great, but it works (I made coffee on it before. The coffee was gross, but maybe thats just cause the pot is new...don't know...) I'm gonna make pancakes when I get home...yum :D

I'll get on that sign tomorrow when I come home, then. White letters, am I right? And do pet the boy from me : )

Well, no, I haven't had the time to really check, but I thought I'd do some checking tomorrow or Wednesday or something..

Hey, if it lets you cook food, who cares?

The Lady 529

The letters are white.
The pancakes were GREAT!
I have another job interview tomorrow...
Tony has to go write to Nicky now...
I will pet the boy right when I get home. His newest thing is, I call "Harry" and he says "it be" and he runs over to me. Our house in Israel was so small that I could see him wherever he was, but here, if he's in the kitchen I cant see him :p

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