"I was in a car crash or was it the war, but I've never been quite the same."

A little out of touch, a little insane

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guys, im at a paid com in atlanta airport, no time, wont let me into my email. i got in safly. am covered inn caat pee, will try to find normal com asap, hopefully tonight in cleveland, dont promise.
plase tell me whats happen9iing at labbers, i have no time to check things...going nuts but happy t be here. love you all

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Roadsings here are green, and you are hilarious :D
I'll pet the Harry Harold the second I get home (he wouldn't have it any other way "PURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR PET IT NOW KK. NOW. NOW. NOW.") It's a known fact that cats personalities change when they move. He's gotten sweeter, more demanding, and he purrs and meows more :D

I filled out 5 job applications today! Did you get a summerjob yet?

Today I get to cook for the first time! They still haven't hooked up my gas, but I'm getting tired of fruit and bagels, so I got a stoveburnerplugin thing for $10. It's not great, but it works (I made coffee on it before. The coffee was gross, but maybe thats just cause the pot is new...don't know...) I'm gonna make pancakes when I get home...yum :D

I'll get on that sign tomorrow when I come home, then. White letters, am I right? And do pet the boy from me : )

Well, no, I haven't had the time to really check, but I thought I'd do some checking tomorrow or Wednesday or something..

Hey, if it lets you cook food, who cares?

The Lady 529

The letters are white.
The pancakes were GREAT!
I have another job interview tomorrow...
Tony has to go write to Nicky now...
I will pet the boy right when I get home. His newest thing is, I call "Harry" and he says "it be" and he runs over to me. Our house in Israel was so small that I could see him wherever he was, but here, if he's in the kitchen I cant see him :p

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