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i need advice!
its happening again. a spider the size of china in my house.
the first 3 times, right when i moved here, i was freaked out.
the other day when i was cleaning i convieniently found one in a plastic cup and got rid of it.
before i was trying to watch a (rather boring) movie, and i saw out of the corner of my eye that harry was staring at the wall. on the wall was another one of those spiders.
now its hiding under the closet. i tried to sweep it out, but i couldnt find it.
i dont want harry to eat it. what if its poisonous???
but i have to go to group today, i told mom that i would take aviv...
WHAT DO I DO????????????

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I hate spiders. Hate hate hate.
And I have no idea what to do...Maybe put Harry in another room?

another room *laughs* the only other room here is the bathroom :( harry and i live in a shoebox!
the spider is hiding and harry seems to have forgotten about it, but the minute he sees it he will try to get it...

aww...shove him in the bathroom? *laughs* We had to do that with our kitty once. She had to be separate from the others and the only other closed rooms were the bedrooms, and she was super noisy at night and wouldn't stop yowling.

why did she have to be separated? poor kitty!
when he needs time out (for going on the counter or trying to eat mt food) he goes in his cat carrier for a few minutes.
when i got home the spider was dead. i didnt notice it for a minute, but there it was, dead. i really hope that it wasnt poisonous. harry is running around as lets hope that he keeps being ok :)
how many cats do you have?

It was when we first got her, and we'd found her in a field, so we didn't know what kind of diseases she had, so we kept her separate. We only have two cats now- that one we found in the field (Skitty) and Sammy, who we adopted from a shelter. When we first got Skitty, we had two others.

cool. i adopted harry from a shelter.
when i lived with my family we had 3 cats. now they just have 1, mimi, who my mom didnt get neutred when he was a baby which was a big mistake. hes more like a tiger than a cat :p

i also don't know what to do. i think harry'll be fine.

yeah, i just got home and it does not look like he found it...

מעניין מאיפה העכבישים האלה באים!
אולי יש איזה שהוא ריסוס נגדם?
מצטערת שלא הייתי פה אתמול, אבל אני שמחה שהוא מת, מתי ההלוויה? אם תפרסמי את זה אולי כל העכבישים יבואו לחלוק לו כבוד ויהיה אפשר להרוג את כולם?
שיהיה לך יום טוב!

youre hilarious!!!!
i cant be concerned with spider funeralds though. elis year is on sunday.

do you think i forgot?

wow. actually i thought you did. its at 2:30...ill be at the mountain at 2, everyone else will be there at 3...if you come we dont have to go down...and you can go before they get there...

you want to meet at "binyaney haoma"?
or you want some time there alone?

binyanei hauma 1:30

im going to tabun either today or thursday, most likely alone cause tamar is no fun and moshe most likely wont even drink coffee (hes not eating and the half coffee that he drank here on thursday night was a miracle)
is tabun opened 24 hours a day?

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