"I was in a car crash or was it the war, but I've never been quite the same."

A little out of touch, a little insane

trying to post to lj from my phone
testing...anyone know of a good lj app for a droid?

Hello to all, just a message that I am still alive and have not disappeared, I've been wanting to post for a while, just haven't gotten around to it with school, Work, Criminal minds...busy. Work is good, has it been a month or almost a month already? I am so much happier there than I was at Svetlana' is unbelievable. I am so not used to being...well, like this. Not breaking down twice or more a week, not stressing out over every tiny little thing. My laptop died a day before my ipod, the same week that I had three assignments due, but I didn't break down, nor want to kill myself or anyone else...I just did, and am doing, what I have to do. I never believed that I like this...I don't have words to explain it...not happy, not calm...don't know...for a while I thought, and still sometimes thing that maybe there is something wrong with me and I am just numb, but on the other hand, maybe God sent me this as a message to show me how strong I am and how capable I am of handling things. I believe that everything happens for a reason. That is one of my strongest beliefs and without that I would not have that much in life (Isn't that similar to what Garcia said in 3x09?) Basically...I'm pleasantly surprised.

Talked to fucking Dell yesterday for 3 hours, see, last week they said that I'd have a box within 1-2 days. 8 days, no box. I hate them. They pass you to 98 different people...gahhhhhhh, but they say that by this Wednesday I will have the box and the laptop a bit over a week later...let's see if it works...

I got a ticket to visit Tania this winter!!! January 1-4.

Speaking of winter, 6-8 inches of snow are expected within 24 hours. Not sure that it will happen, since it is above freezing and not really snowing now, but we will see....

Thankfully my pc has been wonderful, you know, it needs its restarts every few hours, but it has been behaving, as long as I turn off certain programs that eat it's brain *cough*emule*cough*

I just finished my drama essay draft, or at least I think I did, My ending makes not much sense and it feels choppy. *pokes Synne who has company now but will come online later but am poking anyway*.

My father is coming to visit in 2 weeks. I am not cleaning for him this year. I'm keeping them under the impression that I have much more schoolwork than I do. I will clean FOR ME before he comes, but that is IT. Last year I spent a WEEK cleaning for him, and his only comment in my apartment was "this is gross". Fuck it. I told my mom and she said ok, I'll tell him either not to go in or not to say anything...I really can deal without him coming. Free groceries and clothes are nice and all, but I work and can buy my own, and really I'd rather buy my own than spend 12 hours of a Sunday with him...

Anyway, gonna watch some criminal minds, make lunch...pea soup maybe?

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guys, im at a paid com in atlanta airport, no time, wont let me into my email. i got in safly. am covered inn caat pee, will try to find normal com asap, hopefully tonight in cleveland, dont promise.
plase tell me whats happen9iing at labbers, i have no time to check things...going nuts but happy t be here. love you all

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i need advice!
its happening again. a spider the size of china in my house.
the first 3 times, right when i moved here, i was freaked out.
the other day when i was cleaning i convieniently found one in a plastic cup and got rid of it.
before i was trying to watch a (rather boring) movie, and i saw out of the corner of my eye that harry was staring at the wall. on the wall was another one of those spiders.
now its hiding under the closet. i tried to sweep it out, but i couldnt find it.
i dont want harry to eat it. what if its poisonous???
but i have to go to group today, i told mom that i would take aviv...
WHAT DO I DO????????????


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